The Vanacore Team

Vanacore International (VI) is a widely recognized leader in the area of asset recovery, heir finding, probate research and pre-escheat due diligence services.

For over 30 years, we have represented a multitude of clients in reuniting them with their legal entitlements to assets. Our clients include lost property owners, heirs and beneficiaries to deceased account owners, estate representatives, attorneys, fiduciaries, and large corporations and financial institutions. VI recovers a variety of assets, ranging from stocks and bank accounts, insurance policies, lost payments, and oil and gas royalties.

Because of our extensive expertise and understanding of the complex inheritance laws and laws related to dormant accounts, we save our clients the headache of miring through a seemingly endless documentation and/or government bureaucracy. VI offers:

  • Complete recovery of client funds- At VI, we know the nuances of how to determine rightful heirs and how claims should be paid (including accrued dividends). In addition, we consolidate the recovery of multiple assets in one claim for a further streamlined process.
  • Expedited processing- We know exactly what clients need. VI also obtains all necessary documentation for clients at no additional cost (as part of our service to expedite recovery).
  • Exceptional customer service- VI investigators are accessible and gladly answer client calls and questions regarding the recovery and proof of entitlement. We work with family groups, probate attorneys and other parties to make the process easier. VI clients do not have to wait 20-30 minutes for an answer from a government call center.