Did You Receive A Letter?

Why Have I Been Contacted?

You received a letter because you are considered “lost” by the holder of the unclaimed asset or may be a beneficiary of the deceased account owner.  This happens when the holder has not received contact from you or there is no activity on the account for a period of three to five years.  Once the account enters into a dormant or inactive status, the asset can be transferred to the government.

What Do I Do Next?

Through our extensive research, VI’s team of investigators locates the rightful owner or beneficiary entitled to the unclaimed asset. If you are the correct owner or beneficiary, please email, fax or mail the signed agreement to begin the claim process.  There is absolutely no up front cost or retainer fees and VI is only compensated after a claim is paid.

Still Need Further Information?

For further questions regarding the unclaimed asset, please contact your investigator and they will be happy to assist you. Visit Our Contact Us Page