Is This A Scam?

No. Vanacore International’s (VI) impressive record of success in returning lost assets to their rightful owners speaks for itself. With more than 30 years experience, VI has earned a solid reputation as one of the West Coast’s leading asset recovery firms. Licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Private Investigator License No. 13515 CLICK HERE TO VERIFY OUR CREDENTIALS


How did my property get lost or unclaimed?

Unclaimed property represents a variety of lost assets including bank accounts, insurance policies, stock certificates and other entitlements. Most property is considered “abandoned” if it has been inactive for three years. Property becomes “unclaimed” when the asset and the original owner become disconnected. Relocations, failure to notify post office of change of address, name changes or the death of the original owner are just a few of the reasons why an asset becomes unclaimed.

Why didn’t the holder of the funds locate me? Why didn’t the government locate me?

VI cannot answer specifically why you were not contacted. What we know is that the government does not have a locator unit, and typically, holders are required only to send a letter to the last known address. In most cases, VI is the only source for owners and heirs to discover their lost funds.

How did VI locate me?

As licensed private investigators, VI has the full benefit of access to records, as well as extensive in-house resources and network of contacts. VI utilizes advanced search technology, census records, cemetery lists, vital records, passenger immigration lists, local telephone and city directories, and in some cases, creates a multi-generational family tree to untangle the often complex genealogical web that leads to the rightful owner of an unclaimed asset.

Where are the funds located?

The unclaimed funds are held either by financial institutions and governments, who provide VI with a list of people that they have not been able to locate.

How do I know if I am the right claimant or heir?

VI touts a team of experts with years of experience in determining the rightful claimant. We ask each client the right questions so that we are sure he or she is filing legal and correct proof of entitlement.